New Patients 

As a new patient you will need to book into a ‘new patient podiatry appointment’ for assessment for nail surgery. 
The new patient appointment is necessary to assess which procedure is most appropriate and for the podiatrist to discuss the surgery procedure further. Conservative treatment sometimes can be successful as opposed to seeking surgical intervention, this treatment will be carried out within the ‘new patient podiatry appointment’ if deemed appropriate. 

Nail Surgery 

Nail surgery is a minor surgical procedure carried out to treat painful toenail conditions. Depending on the procedure agreed with the podiatrist, all or part of the affected toenail is removed with the view that this is permanent.  


A local anaesthetic is used to ensure the toe is numb throughout the procedure. The local anaesthetic is administered via two injections, one at each side of the base of the problematic toe to numb the whole toe. The Podiatrist will then test that the toe has gone numb before starting the surgical procedure. You will still feel movement and pressure on the toe, but no pain. 

Removing the nail 

The podiatrist will then apply a skin disinfectant to reduce the rate of infection and a tourniquet (rubber ring) will be applied to the toe, to reduce bleeding. The procedure usually takes 10 minutes once the toe is fully numb. Specialist nail nippers are used to remove the offending nail and then a chemical called Phenol will be applied to prevent the nail from growing back. 
The chemical will be flushed out after its timely application and the toe will be dressed with sterile dressings. The Podiatrist will arrange the initial re-dressing appointment and give you a post-operative advice sheet and a re-dressing pack to take home. You will then be booked periodically for re-dressing appointments to review the toe/toes. The review appointments are included within the surgical fee as it is important to us that we provide consistent care from the initial appointment through to final healing following the surgery. 

Nails surgery fees: 

One toe: £400.00 
Two toes: £450.00 
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